We are $450.00 per/week. We require accounts to be paid weekly or fortnightly. 
All accounts to be settled in FULL prior to the horse leaving. 

These charges are for Pleasure and Performance horses including ex-Racehorses.

All horses are worked Monday to Friday and weekends off. Owners who work during the week can see their horses progress either week nights or Saturdays by "appointment only".

NOTE: "At any time" your horse is in or out of the round yard doing ground work or being ridden while you are observing, this is counted as your horse being worked


In a healthy weight range -- to have sufficient body weight to be able to work and carry a rider

Be wormed within the previous 2 weeks

Have a rug marked with their name

Teeth and hooves - It is important for your horses teeth to be seen by a dentist or vet prior to education, as accepting a bit can be uncomfortable if teeth are not in good order. Hooves should be recently trimmed or shod. These can be arranged if required and incur additional cost.

NOTE: if your horse is injured, sick or merely needs a rest during its stay, general resting agistment costs will occur.

Education to saddle / Per week
Education or Re-education / Per week
Horse handling - Groundwork / Per week
Horse riding lessons 
Horsemanship Education lessons
Handling charges for Dentist / Farrier / Chiro
 $16.50 per visit
 Vet assistance 
 $1.00      per/min
 Off farm / Lessons     ( not including travel expenses )