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Established in 2000, Birdwood Horse Works is the result of 23 years experience of working in the horse industry by Bronya Kennedy, now in partnership with Coral Green.

Experienced in the breaking in and education of horses that are able to compete successfully in such diverse fields as endurance, pony club, the show ring and dressage, as well as pleasure riding, Birdwood Horse Works aims to provide a sound basic education upon which any discipline can be followed.

Set on 26 acres, with well fenced paddocks, yards and a huge 20 metre undercover round yard, Birdwood Horse Works is located approximately 8 kilometers from the main town of Birdwood, South Australia. We have endeavoured to provide a peaceful and safe environment for your horse to learn and begin their education or re- education.

 Every horse is assessed individually, and whether it is here for Breaking-in, Education or Re-Education every care will be taken to give the owner the outcome that she or he wishes to achieve with their horse, taking into consideration the horses nature and needs.

You are welcome to visit your horse and observe it being worked. ( By appointment please )  A support service is offered by email or phone.  


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  • "There are people who train horses & then there is BRONYA KENNEDY. I can't speak highly enough of Birdwood Horse Works & Bronya's ability to educate & train horses. My Arab le..."
    Repeat client
  • "A few years back I had a standardbred who had been so badly mistreated he was missing teeth. He hated humans with a passion, great to ride but very dangerous to handle in close..."
    Krystan Rodrigues
    very satisfied customer